A transsexual person is either male or female who feels that he or she was born in the wrong gender. Their external genitals and sexual personality personify one sex, but they mentally identify themselves with the other sex. Transsexuals consist of two types, the male-to-female (MTF) type and the female-to-male (FTM) type, where the first is said to be a male at birth and the second a female when she is born.


One has to understand that transsexual people are not freaks of nature nor are they a perverted lot, and theirs is not a mental condition, it has been proved through researches in science that transsexualism happens in the womb and this dysphoria can become worse as they grow. Transsexuals have a tough time hanging on to their jobs which is most necessary for them in order to live and cover the cost of transition.


There are transsexuals who opt for surgery to change their sexual status. Medical and transition surgeries are available in most western countries. In a woman the surgery that they have to undergo are removal of their breasts and making their chest more masculine, and sculpting of the phallus called phalloplasty, while the males have to get their penis shaped into a vagina that is even capable of having an orgasm.


However before all that they have to undergo hormone replacement with the females taking testosterone and the males taking estrogen and the results are really astonishing with changes in body mass, stoppage of menstrual cycles, and sex drives in the females whose voice also begin to deepen. While in the males they develop breasts voices change etc. The real life test is another important milestone in this period of transition when the male or the female have to start blending in with the like minded genders. In a matter of about six months the effects of the   hormones more or less become permanent.


The post op period is not easy but most of them hang on because eventually they hope to come out winners. Many of them have even entered into institutions like marriage and foster care or parenting. Many such post op transsexuals are adopting children because the whole reassignment therapy winds up with the post op transsexual individual becoming infertile. After transitioning the there are individuals who regret their transition and even decide to detransition to their original sex, but this happens in rare cases and as per studies the numbers are far below even 1%.


Most of the post op transsexuals are in general quite happy with their transition and only about a handful express a very low sense of dissatisfaction. There are instances when a transitioned individual feels he cannot talk about his/her problem or the doubts she entertains; he has to pretend that everything’s fine; but knows that he needs medical treatment. Such people will start experiencing difficulties that eventually lead to social problems and sometimes back to retransitioning.  Those who do not feel that they need to conform to any specific stereotype fare far better as post op transsexual individuals.

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