Transsexual Surgery


Transsexual surgery is for those who are not satisfied with the sex they are in. In medical terminology it is termed as sex reassignment therapy. It is applicable for both transsexual and intersexual people. For those with the imbalanced hormone distribution the surgery is a boon.


It is not to be done in a day. The doctors will have a strict observation of the patient. They even suggest a period of living with a desired gender. This is termed as cross living. This is to make the patient ready with the atmosphere physically and mentally.


 In certain parts of the society transexuality and the surgery is considered as against social and ethical perspective. But from the mid twentieth century itself it started acquiring popularity still there are even surgeons who oppose the treatment as the risk factor is high.


The genital constitution is the factor which makes a human being transsexual. So there is nothing to keep the individual aloof from the society. If they want to live the rest of their life as a different gender it is their discretion. But as like before any other surgery the patient should be well informed about the pros and cones about the side effects and their life after that.


It being an irreversible surgery the risk factor is high. A psychologist through counselling and other methodologies can help up to a great extend. At times there will not be any thing serious to be ended up in a transsexual surgery. Some medication with special attention to hormones may help. Usually a time period of six months is taken for hormonal treatment to check the necessity of the surgery.


There are certain cases where the individual suffer from high depression and mental stress may not have any other go other than a transsexual surgery. For the transsexuals, there is also high possibility for dissociative identity disorder and borderline personality disorder. In such cases doctors under great caution and care conduct the surgery.


The surgery is possible from a female to male. But our medical science is not yet furnished to change a male by birth to a female.


For the laymen transexuality may sound like people with non uniform sexual orientation. But for those who are like that they will not agree that sexual constitution and orientation are not same. The only thing they can do is to confine them to any one of the gender. But the worse they have to face is the social stigma attached to the transgenders and transsexuals.


While thinking of a surgery seriously the life after that should be given high priority. It should not affect your relationships and employment and things like that. You should be well aware that you are going to be in a totally different atmosphere.


There are people who continue their life after the surgery normally by getting married fostering children. What you decide is your discretion but with a thing which is irreversible. A second thinking will only help you.

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