Transvestite Clothing

Transvestism is a phenomenon which persons wearing the dress of opposite sex. Such a group was common right from the time immemorial. But the word transvestite clothing as such was coined before some century’s only. Through the time period it traveled the word and concept has changed a lot. But those who practice the custom were in strong opposition of naming it as transvestism. It was them who came up with the term cross-dressers.


There are both females and males who follow transvestite clothing or more precisely cross dressers. The reason to choose such a style may be many but the whole aim is to satisfy the admiration and obsession they have towards the opposite sex. Through this they are in actual fact disguising their actual identity.


If we analyze the history of the concept the former female transvestites it will be clear that they opt for the male dressing to join in the profession which had male dominance. Military is a well-known example. Conversely there were men who behaved and dressed up like women to escape from this which was mandatory in certain places.


During the 1970s there was a drastic change with regard to the way of living of transvestites. It was then the large number of heterosexual men felt that they are not properly defined by the rest of the world. According to them they do not have fetish tic intentions. They only admire woman and they want to imitate them so they dress like them.


But to keep themselves away from gays and transsexuals this category of transvestites takes great care and attention. This factor differentiates and identifies from the rest of people. That itself is the reason that what they are doing has been recognized as the art of cross dressing.


Now about female bodied transvestites, it is well known that right from the beginning of the social living females were received a less attention when compared to men. Those who cross dress like women were also given a similar prospect. But it is noticeable that there are still males who like to live as females.


There are people who decide on cross dressing in the name of comfort. When women wearing the dress of men it is not traced much attention and social stigma. It is often named as fashion. But when it comes in with males, often they will have to face the social discrepancy.


Since the advent of the concept of feminism the class of female started to grab more attention from the world. They find ways to equalize themselves with men. In the due process they obtained social sanction to dress up like males. But in the case of males who cross dress like female the acceptance is not apparent. They are still subject to the social constraints which women had to undergo before the introduction of feminism. This can be considered as the reason for newer concepts like masscults movement where men try to locate social approval when they perform the art of cross dressing or transvestite clothing.


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