Transvestite Fiction

Transvestites are the class of people who practices cross dressing. The class had its origin before centuries. But a considerable development was made only in 1070s. It was then they started to be identified as a category of people with similar interest. It was then they named themselves as cross dressers.


The cross dressers can be both males and females. Through the years they had adopted a particular style for themselves. They are much different from homosexuals or gays or lesbians. Cross dressers only admire the opposite gender and tend to be like them. Their interests are not fetish. That itself makes them poles apart from them.


Even though they are identified as an exceptional category their social living has not attained considerable maturity. People with similar interests living closely do not make a complete sense. This lacuna mad the advent Transvestite literature and fiction smooth. Now it holds a significant place among the book lovers among the cross dressers. Obviously they love to read about themselves.


Transvestite fiction is fiction stories about the life and living of the transvestites. There may be detailing about their history. There may be books on how they developed and originated. Those who belong to the category will get a clear idea about themselves. For the others it may be a new arena.


Transvestite fiction is often termed as pornography. The theme may be indigestible for the common man that is the reason that it has not attained much popularity. For this extremity of literature only a special kind of audience is available. The themes may be mainly sadomachostic or homosexual in nature. It is the reason that that the recipients are confined to a special category. 


As like any other category which is not completely accepted by the society, these cross dressers also have their own grievances and problems. They must have an outlet for it. Even though we say that they are accepted there are still short comings. As long as the man continues to be rational it will persist also. So the only thing the transvestites can do is to share what they have with them. For that if they find literature a successful way, well and good.


Writings can be the sometimes ones expression of strong emotions which lies in the inner self. If one can attain happiness through expressing what he or she has in the mind, it is too good for ones development. At the same time there can be others who are kept aloof from the society because of their border line personality disorder or other genital diseases. If they are made happy with the books written by people who are of similar interests it is also equally good.


Even though the transvestite fiction has not attained popularity among the world literature in the near future it may get more readers for it because the persons opting to be in the community is increasing considerably. So there is way for those who hop for better works in transvestite fiction.

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