Transvestite Makeover

Transvestites are the category of people who opt to dress up and present like opposite sex. For that what they do first is changing their appearance by changing the cloths. Transvestite clothing has been accepted by the society before centuries. In past women dressed up like men to get placed in the arenas like military services and the profession which needs boldness. But in the case of males the fear of military services which was mandatory was one of the important reasons. They wanted to hide themselves from it.


There were people with border line disorders. They may not be transgender still some males will be too shy or some females will be too bold. When they identify their specialty in the behavior or character they decide on being like opposite sex which gives them more comfort.


In the art of dressing up like opposite gender mere clothing may not gives perfection. As the dressing up is that of an opposite sex there will be factors which need to be highlighted or concealed. So being perfect in it, a well grooming or make over is required. Otherwise those who dress up will be like caricatures and those who see it will laugh on it.


First of all one should be well versed with the way of living of the opposite gender. To get the flawlessness it is very essential. For that it may be advisable to go for the places which will provide with information. There are even websites which can help to a great extend.


There is a rapid increase in the number of transvestite dressers among both female and males. Reasons can be many but the intention and aim is only one to be like opposite gender. Live like them, behave like them and dress up like them but for all of these, it need a perfect make over.


In the selection of dresses and in the every bits and pieces there need a change. But it should never be like artificial. Zen percent excellence is not possible because the body constitution matters a lot. But the success lies when the degree of differentiation goes narrow. Whether male to female or vice versa does not matter but what counts are the good looks of the way of presenting   yourself as a different personality.


The makeover does not end up with dressing. In every bit there should be change. Even in the way of talking and behaving it is necessary. Just think of a man dressed up like a woman but all his doings are like that of a man itself. It spoils the whole dress up.


 In some cases there are even needs for hormone treatment which they opt to get a better look. Those who undergo for the surgery are also many. It is their obsession towards the opposite sex which makes them to think and act likes that. If they can maintain and present them well as they want to there is nothing wrong is being cross dressers.



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